Sports Development for the youth

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November 10, 2014
Water Drilling
November 10, 2014

There are thousands of young people sitting around in rural areas not knowing what to do. Through sports development less girls get pregnant and the youth is challenged bringing identification of national athletes.

To try and approach younger people with a Bible makes them back off, but sports is a wonderful “tool” to draw them together. It is wonderful to be able to be involved in helping the rural kids get exposure to different kinds of sport activities. Through these, relationships are established giving opportunity to share and talk to the younger people about the Lord. There is so much hidden or lost sports talent in the rural areas, especially among the girls who hardly get the opportunity to participate. The future of tomorrow is with the young people. Getting them involved in sports, helps them identify much about themselves. It challenges them about learning how to loose and how to deal with winning too. In the end it helps them when they face the real winning and loosing issues of life.