Skills Health, Hygiene and Helping hands

Sports Development for the youth
November 10, 2014

In rural Africa the women play a very important role in the upbringing of children and making their household survive the difficulties they face daily. These women are hard workers who have very little time for themselves as they have to bring forth babies and nurse them, care and cook for the family and help raising food through farming. They spend 3-4 hours per day carrying firewood and all the water needed in their household for cooking, washing and drinking. As the dry winter months drain up the water they have to go further and further to get water, leaving  them with even less time for themselves and their children.

There are many women living in the sticks of Africa with a lot of God given talent and ability, but they have seldom had the chance to identify those gifts and talent within themselves.  Through the Skills Training classes, women are identified who do have talent in different skills like sowing & knitting, crochet, etc. and trained in how and what to do……….

Then after training they are released to either do things for their homes, make clothes for them and their children, or some even start their own businesses.  Starting a business as an individual or a few women together is the ultimate goal.  It enables them to stay in their rural area but improve quality of life for themselves and their family.

Through these classes an important relationship is established bringing the liberty to speak and address other important moral, household, health and lifestyle issues which are very important in assisting and advising the mothers.  This in the long term educates them in the prevention of sicknesses and even death among their children in rural places where health care facilities  and workers are so much needed.