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Water Drilling
November 10, 2014
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The agricultural training is done to help the farmers to do things right.  Many have no knowledge in the basic important issues regarding farming like what micro organisms are and their vey important role in farming, or the importance of implementing a crop rotation systems etc. Many have livestock like chickens, goats and cattle but have no knowledge of diseases and how to prevent or identify the disease and treat their animals.

Through basic training these important issues are addressed and they find that with the same effort they can now raise more product on the same piece of land.  This brings enough food on their table, with extra, that can be traded or sold, which brings money for other needed goods.  By proper hand dressing techniques they can keep their animals clean from ticks and other disease carrying parasites preventing the loss of animals.

The participants in training are also challenged to follow the principles in God’s Word as a guideline to proper soil conservation and in obeying these they discover the promised blessings of God on their farming.  This results in healthy animals, good crops and enough produce for their household.  But an important aspect is; they come to  realize and “see” God’s hand of blessing on their animals and crops and also learn to respond in in appreciation, by “sowing” back into their own community toward the very poor and suffering.  They learn to give 10% of their crops to the widows, orphans and blind within their own community and by understanding this great truth they discover more and more of God’s blessing and learn how He intended us to farm, which brings constant improvement.

They also become part of addressing and solving the needs of others around them,  which brings improvement within their community and ultimately the many rural people in their Nation.