Many people in rural places know about God and Christ Jesus but they do not know the Truth.  They have not “applied” God’s plan of reconciling man with Himself through Christ into their own lives, which keeps them away from entering into His Kingdom plan.

The life of Christ Jesus on earth is the perfect example of reaching out to others and training or “leading” then into a lifestyle of true relationship with God.  He did not try to “commercialize” discipleship and have millions following Him with the wrong intentions and understanding. He set the pace by only dispelling twelve people and some women and other close friends and believers. It was a one on one intensive every day lifestyle and true way of living which He introduced to them to, set the perfect example in that and challenged them to follow Him in doing the same.

That Great Commission has been handed over by Him to all true believers on earth. ( Matthew 28:19) “Go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them…… ” It still stands today and all true believers are “called” to do so through their Christlike lifestyle and relationship with others around them.