Training Rural Leaders

We all know that 70% of the population in Africa live in rural areas.  Which means if we really want to address the basic problem issues among 70% of the Nation in any country in Africa then we have to give serious attention to the rural areas.

To help us address this I believe we have to start with the training of rural leaders.  The rural people are very willing to learn but few are prepared to go to them and help them.  The world has all the knowledge and trained people living in cities where all the improvements happen, but the rural areas are “left behind”   If some of those skilled from the cities could dedicate of their time to serve in their own family native community then it could bring much improvement.

Even from the Spiritual side, the “church” has to address this issue by training rural church leaders not just in doctrinal and theological issues but also in the very important basics like proper administration and finances and establishing relationships toward and with other leaders of denominations.  This is the heart and love of God for His children who are worshipping Him in truth even in other denominations!

By bringing these leaders from a rural area together for training it also helps them understand how things work in the business world even in their own rural area.  It brings them in contact with the business world and its leaders and friendships are started and established, which bring much needed communication and understanding on leadership level. This then is passed on down or imparted to people in their congregations bringing much needed unity in the Body of Christ and also improvement and quality of life among the rural poor.