Board of Directors

Africa Rural Mission is registered as a 501 C 3 organization. We have a group of people in the US and in Zambia who form part of a Board that help us with advice and direction.  They are people with whom we have a relationship of trust that has come about over the years.  We trust and respect them and know they will give us the best advice, council or warning coming from their hearts.

We know that we need other people around us to be part of what we are doing, but we also need people who can speak into our lives with advice direction concerning the future, ministry and work of the Lord. We believe two is better than one and in the council of many we will find wisdom and true direction.

This gives us security knowing their are others with us in the ministry who sometimes observe things from a different view which safeguards us from moving in a wrong direction and therefore help us in our efforts and not to make mistakes in efforts concerning His Kingdom.