May Update 2017
May 26, 2017
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October Update 2014

Visiting Team from CCC

It was great to have the second team from Christ Community Church coming to visit us here in Zambia. Their visit was short, but they had lots of exposure to rural mission work. We had a “super time” together, reports are coming back that it was “life-changing” for many of them.

Drilling of free water boreholes (wells) for the rural poor

water-drilling52This has been a very exciting year for us with the coming of our own water drilling rig from the US.  We however had many difficult obstacles to overcome before we could actually start drilling, but we managed to drill or have wells drilled.  There are some rig issues that we have to give attention to, to make drilling work under our rural Africa conditions. We trust that the Lord will give the wisdom needed to get all resolved.  I just cannot describe in words what it feels like to be able to drill the wells ourselves…. then watching as the ground turns wet and the water bursting out of the well.  It brings tears to my eyes.  Not to even to talk about hearing the rural people scream, yell and seeing them dancing for joy when they see the water.  It reminds me of the scripture   in Isa. 41:17  “when the poor and needy seek water and there is none…. I the Lord will hear them….” Although it talks about Spiritual thirst, we have seen the rural people respond to that “call”  what joy it is to see them sing and dance around the water well. Isn’t it what  Isa. 12:3  talks about “…with joy will they draw water from the wells of salvation.”

Skills development, hygiene  and self-help projects for the rural women

skills-for-woman174The skills projects have been wonderful with women coming to learn how to do things for themselves at their homes.  A group of women at the Kafue area have even started their own Bed Spread Business, where they make and sell bed spreads.  A lady from the US donated money to buy them two had sewing machines which makes their work so much easier.  It proves that there are people in the rural areas that do have the God given talent.  If they are trained in how to do, they will be able to help themselves even to start a business like the Kafue women group did. The other groups are also learning to make different things.  Wilna says there are some very talented ones among the groups and she is so happy she can teach them what she knows that could help them make nice things for themselves or even clothes.

It isn’t easy out in the heat, having to bend over to help them going from one to the other, but it gives Wilna great pleasure to see them progress in what they are learning. This project gives opportunity to share the Word of the Lord with these wonderful rural women.

There are many sport-talented young people in the rural sticks of Africa

sport-development139To try and approach younger people with a Bible makes them back off, but sports is a wonderful “tool” to draw them together. It is wonderful to be able to be involved in helping the rural kids get exposure to different kinds of sport activities.  Through these, relationships are established giving opportunity to share and talk to the younger people about the Lord.  There is so much hidden or lost sports talent in the rural areas, especially among the girls who hardly get the opportunity to participate.

The future of tomorrow is with the young people.  Getting them involved in sports, helps them identify much about themselves. It challenges them about learning how to loose and how to deal with winning too. In the end it helps them when they face the real winning and loosing issues of life,

Training rural people how to farm correctly

We need to keep in mind that 70% of the population in Africa live in rural places. If they can learn how to farm properly, then they will be able to feed themselves and not be dependent on the cities for basic supplies!

Zambia is blessed with a super climate and rainfall to produce almost anything.  By introducing the rural people to the basics of farming, soil conservation and crop rotation systems they learn how important it is to care for the ground and in so doing reap the blessings promised by God.  Not everyone is a farmer, but there are many that do farm on a small scale to produce for their own household.

By learning how to do things right,  they discover the blessings of God when they reap bigger crops on smaller pieces of ground.

It is not about projects, it is all about people and demonstrating God’s love!

ministry00God demonstrated His love by giving His all in Christ Jesus, to reconcile man with Himself.  We read in Acts. 10:38  “How God anointed Jesus with the Holy Spirit and power….. how He went about doing good and healing all that were oppressed b the devil….” His example of life was a demonstration of God’s love to the world. That has not changed.  There are many people in the world and out in the rural sticks of Africa who have not heard  the TRUTH about Jesus Christ. His Kingdom is being established throughout the world and His love demonstrated even in the very rural places where many wonderful people live.

Thank You to everyone, for your prayers and support. Your partnership has enabled us to be in Zambia. We are all part of His team of workers who are bringing the harvest in! May His Kingdom Come!